New Developments in Attendance and Absence Counting


When you enter an attendance or absence, the system references the planned hours from the day's daily work schedule in order to calculate the duration of the attendance/absence. This is not always the best method.

Special regulations for counting the duration of an attendance or absence should apply on certain days (public holidays, weekdays), and for certain absences or daily/period work schedules.

There is a new Customizing table providing the following enhancements in the environment of attendance and absence counting:

1. You can set conditions specifying the days on which you want attendances and absences to be counted differently. The decision can be based on the weekday, holiday class, day type, counting class of the period work schedule, daily work schedule class, or on conditions set for the planned hours or the recorded attendance/absence.
2. By assigning an hour and day multiplier, the definitive duration of the attendance or absence is calculated.
3. You specify deduction rules to determine how quotas are deducted (see below).
4. The values determined in attendance/absence counting can have several places after the decimal point. These values cannot be used for quota deduction and payroll accounting. You can therefore also specify how you want the values to be rounded.
5. A counting rule can comprise several individual rules.

Change system parameters in customizing

For detailed information on the required Customizing settings, please see the Implementation Guide for Time Management:

Further notes

The "old" Customizing table Rules for Attendance/Absence Counting and Leave Deduction (T554X) is still processed. However, it does not offer such flexible options for counting and controls the deduction of the absence quota type 99 using the Leave Entitlement infotype (0005).
The deduction of leave types using table T554X has been simplified by the new Deduction sequence field. You can use table control to determine the deduction sequence for leave types for which no priority is specified in the table (*). The RMAC switch used up until now, RP-SE-554S-UNIT, has been replaced. The conversion is automatic.

You need the new counting table if you want to make use of the new developments in quota deduction. For more information, please see the following release note: New Developments in Quota Deduction .