Absence Valuation: Simplification of Customizing


Absence valuation has been extended by the following functions which simplify customizing considerably:

1. By defining day rules, you can select counting classes and wage types according to certain conditions set for the day of the absence (for example, public holiday, weekday, planned hours in work schedule). In this way, you can:
Up until now, the only way to fulfil this type of requirement was to set up a personnel calculation rule to carry out special processing in Customizing of absence valuation. The new functions replace these complex personnel calculation rules. The valuation rules are also more transparent due to the fact that the tables can be customized.
2. New entity tables and text tables simplify the process of defining, assigning, and documenting absence valuation rules and counting classes.

Change system parameters in customizing

The conversion to the entity tables is automatic.

If required, you can copy the texts from the standard counting classes to your production client. You can assign your own names to counting classes you set up yourself to make them more easily identifiable.

For information on the new functions in absence valuation, please see the Absences section in the Implementation Guide for Payroll Accounting.