New Developments in Quota Deduction


The deduction of absence and attendance quotas has been completely revised for Release 4.0A. The following new functions are available:

1. The number of places behind the decimal point for the quota entitlement has been increased to five. This makes the automatic accrual of quotas extremely precise (see also the following release note: Accruing Absence Quotas: Leave Accrual ). To ensure consistency, the number of decimal places for quota used has also been increased to five.
2. You are no longer restricted to one quota type per absence or attendance type. You can now specify a sequence of quota types to be deducted in consecutive order.
3. The deduction sequence can depend on the attendance/absence quota type, or on the validity period or deduction period of the quota. You can assign priorities to these specifications to ensure that the quotas assigned to an employee are deducted as you wish.
4. You can also decide whether or not the other attendance and absence quotas assigned to an employee should be deducted once the specified quotas have been used up.
5. Deduction rules are defined not only for deducting attendance and absence quotas that employees have not used up. You can also define deduction rules in which you indicate which attendance and absence quotas are allowed to assume a negative value (that is, more quota can be deducted than is actually available). For each individual absence quota type, you can specify the negative value limit for a quota record.
6. Specify a time unit (hours or days) for the deduction rules so that the quotas are always maintained in the same time unit.
7. Quota deduction is recorded for each individual day in the transparent table PTQUODED, making it easy to track cancellations.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use the new functions, please see the Implementation Guide for Time Management for detailed information on the required Customizing settings:

Determine deduction rules for attendance and absence quotas
Assign deduction rules to counting rules
Define absence quota types
Define attendance quota types

The previous settings for controlling deduction are still processed as normal.