Connection of Time Recording Systems, Communication Channel 1


The connection of external time recording systems (person time events, communication channel 1) has changed for Release 4.0A. The tables and function modules used up until now have been replaced.

The data description for communication channel 1 and the handling of the channel have not changed.

The communication parameters have been moved from table T705W to table CC1PAR

Installation information

If the old interface table RUECK still contains unprocessed time events after the release upgrade, these time events must be transferred to the new table, CC1TEV. To do this, run report RPU40A18.

If you want to use the function in distributed systems in future, start the report after the release upgrade but bfore the distribution.

Change system parameters in customizing

As of Release 4.0A, there is a log function for the report Posting of Time Events from KK1 (SAPCDT45). If you want to use the log function, create a variant and schedule the report with this variant.

Further notes