New Functions for External Wage Types / Canteen Data


The following new functions are available in the environment of external wage types for Release 4.0A:

1. You can now maintain texts for external wage types. This allows you to identify the wage types more easily.
2. The report List for Table TEXLGA (RPIEWT01) lists and analyzes the external wage types that have been uploaded from the subsystem. The report now provides special list functions for you to obtain your own view of the uploaded data. You can sort and filter the data according to a number of different criteria. You can use the Subtotals function to compare the amounts entered at the subsystem with the uploaded amounts, for example.
3. The external wage types are now posted straight to table TEXLGA when they are uploaded. They are now longer stored temporarily in table RUECK. You no longer have to post external wage types using transaction PT45, Post PDC Messages or the report Post Person Time Events from KK1.
The checks previously carried out for correct format, consistency of data, authorizations, and so on, are now made when records are generated for the Employee Remuneration Information (2010) and Additional Payments (0015) infotypes. (Report Create Batch Input Session for Canteen Data (RPIEWT00)). You still correct errors using the buttons provided in the Time Management pool.

Change system parameters in customizing

If necessary, maintain the texts for the external wage types. For information on maintaining wage types, see the step Maintain wage types.

Effect on batch input

If you previously posted external wage types only from table RUECK, you should delete the corresponding batch job for the report Post Person Time Events from KK1 (SAPCDT45).

If you also upload time events using communication channel 1 (KK1), you must still execute the report to post the time events to Time Management.