Interface Changes in Incentive Wages


As of Release 4.0A, the Incentive Wages component is no longer located in the Human Resources main menu, but rather in the Time Management menu, along with the Shift planning, Administration and Time sheet components.

The Environment menu item in the Incentive Wages main menu has been expanded to include selections for the other components in Time Management.

In addition, the Current settings function is now located in the Tools menu of the Time Management main menu. Here you can specify the earliest recalculation date for Incentive Wages.

The "Receiver cost center" and "Receiver company code" fields are hidden in the full screen of all sample time tickets. The "Sender cost center" and "Sender company code" fields were also removed from the full screen of the quantity time tickets. These actions support the Activity Allocation in time tickets that are included in the sample schemas for Payroll Accounting.

The "Result," "Amount" and the value fields of the activity type fields were lengthened to 18 characters. The field lengths were also increased in the full and list screens of the sample time tickets.

As a result of the European Monetary Union (EMU), the amount field now includes an entry field for the new EURO currency.

Further notes

Modify your own entry screens according to the aforementioned changes.