Generating Absence Quotas - Leave Accrual


In Releases 2.x and 3.x, you could use personnel calculation rules to calculate time quotas and transfer them

This was a very flexible method of generating absence entitlements, however, users required a sound technical knowledge to use the personnel calculation rules correctly.

For Release 4.0A, the functionality for calculating and generating absence entitlement in time evaluation has been extended considerably. You can now create calculation rules using table customizing instead of personnel calculation rules. You can check the results of the calculation using the new Quota overview user interface (PT50), and change them manually if required.

Scope of functions in quota generation and environment

1. Enhancements to the automatic calculation of quota entitlements:
a) More transparent Customizing using table settings instead of personnel calculation rules
b) Flexible calculation periods
c) Definition of base entitlement according to age or seniority
d) Table-controlled reduction methods to take account of inactive days, absence days, part-time work
e) Flexible, table-controlled rounding methods; the principal rounding methods are defined in the standard SAP R/3 System
f) Accounting for an employee's entry date
g) Use of SAP enhancements to implement special requirements regarding the entitlement calculation that are not covered by standard Customizing
h) Flexible control of the transfer of the calculated quota entitlement to the Absence Quotas infotype (2006)
i) Updating and creating new quota records (infotype 2006) in time evaluation
j) Integration of error processing for entitlement calculation into the Time Management pool
2. Changing the calculated entitlement manually using the new Quota Corrections infotype (2013)
3. New user interface for checking and correcting generated quota manually, and making projections of entitlements for future periods (see also the following release note: New User Interface for Quota Overview ).
4. Absence quota data structure (infotype 2006) extended by deduction intervals and greater flexibility in absence quota deduction (see also the release note New Developments in Quota Deduction ).

Change system parameters in customizing

For detailed information on the required Customizing settings, see also the Implementation Guide for Time Management:

Define groupings
Determine absence quota types for generation
Set base entitlements
Set validity and deduction periods
Set rules for reducing quota entitlements
Set rules for rounding quota entilements
Set generation rules for quota selection
Develop enhancements for quota type selection