New Definition of Requirements and Requirements Matchup


Definition of Personnel Requirements

The definition of requirements has been restructured as of Release 4.0A. As an enhancement to Release 3.0, you can now define requirements irrespective of shift abbreviations. You can now display personnel requirements using time intervals in addition to shift abbreviations.

Furthermore, you can also define requirements flexibly, according to data you choose. You can use requirements types which are assigned to requirements records in requirements processing.

A requirements record can be defined by the following required or optional data:

Required Entries for a Requirements Record:

Optional Entries for a Requirements Record:

Personnel requirements are processed during shift planning. Requirements processing increases the efficiency of the workflow and gives you an overall picture of the shift planning interface.

Requirements Matchup and Assignment of Employees to Requirements Records

As a result of the new definition of personnel requirements, requirements matchup has also been redefined.

Requirements matchup is the function by which you assign employees and requirements records to each other in the shift plan. By using requirements matchup, you can clearly see the degree to which the requirements are covered.

Requirements matchup refers to the new requirements records for Release 4.0A, in which jobs, qualifications as well as individual comments can be defined. You get an overview of what employees are assigned to which requirements in which period.

You find the requirments matchup in the target plan, actual plan, well as in each of the plan's new day views. These day views are also available in a new format as of Release 4.0A.

Further notes

If you want to use these functions, refer to the following information in the Release Notes for Release 4.0A: