HR: Archiving of HR accounting data


With release 4.0A, archiving of payroll accounting (PY) and personnel time evaluation (PT) results has become possible.

You can use the HR Archiving transaction (PU22) to archive the following objects:

You can access the HR Archiving transaction in payroll accounting using the Tools menu, and in personnel time management by selecting Administration -> Tools . The transaction guides you through the different steps and thus ensures data consistency in time management and payroll accounting. It also assists you in setting the date up to which accounting or time evaluation results should be archived, and automatically takes into account the:

Archiving comprises the following phases:

1. Creating an archiving group which defines the data to be archived
2. Assigning the personnel numbers to the archiving group
3. Preparing for archiving by checking the specifications and extracting the data to be archived from the system
4. Archiving the archiving objects specified in the 1st phase using the transaction SARA

Change system parameters in customizing

1. Maintain the settings for the Archive Administration transaction (SARA).
2. Maintain the number ranges for the number range object HR_ARCHIVE in your production client. You can use the model number range in client 000.
3. You do not have to change any settings in customizing when archiving HR accounting data.