4.0A: New Functions and Operations in Time Evaluation


This list shows an overview of new functions and operations in Time Management for Release 4.0A, and also any that have been changed or extended.

New and changed functions and operations are described online in the RPDSYS00 documentation.

New functions and operations are also described in release notes.

Functions for Release 4.0A

LIMIT New; see also
Value Limits for Time Balances
QUOTA New; see also
Accruing Absence Quotas
DYNWS New; see also
Assigning Daily Work Schedules Dynamically
BLOCK New; see also
New Log Interface
PBRKS Parameter 2= 1--7
TIMTP Parameter 4 = NODT
IF Parameter 2 = NOT : Reversal of condition from par. 2
Parameter 3 = SIM : Simulation?
Parameter 3 = FUT : Evaluation for future period?
Parameter 3 = SIMF: Simulation for future period?
Parameter 3 = Exx : End of period with parameter xx?
DKG Parameter 2 is unnecessary and is no longer processed
since substitutions of this type are only processed and
evaluated consistently using the specifications in the
Reduced Hours Substitution view (V_556_B)
PROTO No longer necessary due to new log interface

Operations for Release 4.0A

OUTTP Specification
COGOS = Attendance status from pair formation
GENTG Variable2 = V: As specification 'blank'. Cost
assignment or alternative payment resulting
from substitutions are also evaluated
(as for function P2000).
FILLW Specification
FILLWL = Initialize ALP split
FILLWLTPA = Copy ALP split from current pair
VARST Specification:
MOD S = Query type for DWS assignment T552W
MOD Q = Query quota type selection rule T559L
MOD L = Query time balance rule group T559P
FDYxx, LDYxx, RDYxx for all period parameters
MODIF Variable 1 = L : Time balance rule group
Variable 1 = Q : Quota type selection rule group
Variable 1 = S : Set type for DWS assignment