New Functions for the Time Statement Form


The following new functions are available on the report selection screen for the Time Statement Form report:

1. You can choose the output language
2. You can specify whether you only want week totals to be formed for full weeks - as before - or also for part weeks

New functions for maintaining the form mean that you have more flexibility when setting it up:

1. There is a separate block, page type = ZM, in which you can print the cumulated time wage types for the period.
2. In block E*, you can now print time wage types as well as time types.
3. There are two new field conversions LT (long text) and ST (short text) that can be specified for the entities you want to print in the Data in Fixed Positions view (V_T512Q).
4. The new field conversion DZ is the same as UZ but the times are not given with decimal places.

Change system parameters in customizing

You can customize block ZM in the following step in the Implementation Guide: Set up the printout of time wage types .

You can customize block E* in the following step: Format statement of time balances.

You can use the field conversions with the activity Fill variable elements under Set up printout of ... or Format overview of totals .