Changes to the Intranet Scenario for the Time Statement Form


There is a new version of the time statement form in Web Reporting for Release 4.0A. It considerably simplifies the customizing of Internet and Intranet forms. You can still use the old version, however.

The following attributes of the Intranet scenario for the time statement have changed:

1. The function module that is specified in the HTML link using _FUNCTION=HR_TIME_SHEET_TO_HTML has changed from ..._INTO_HTML to ..._TO_HTML. This has already been implemented in the standard SAP R/3 System.
2. You can now use any form (standard and customer forms), and not just the form that had to be created specially in Customizing (standard: TF03) and enhanced using HTML commands (new standard delivery: TF02).
3. The functionality for printing graphical elements such as company logos on the Internet time statement using HTML commands has also changed: Using the SAP Web Repository transaction (SMW0), you can create HTML form templates that can also contain other elements (for example, graphical elements) above and below the area reserved for the time statement on the Internet page. The templates must be specified in the HTML link as follows: &_TEMPLATE=... . Please see the standard delivery.

Change system parameters in customizing

For more information on the time statement form on the Internet and information on customizing, please see the following step in the Implementation Guide:
Set up Internet connection.

Since it is eventually planned to do away with the old function module, you should speficy the name of the new function module (HR_TIME_SHEET_ (HR_TIME_SHEET_TO_HTML) in your HTML link for displaying the time sheet.