Standardization of the cluster directory for payroll results


In Release 3.0, the directory for payroll results (cluster CD) was enhanced for the USA, Canada, and Japan country versions. In order to avoid cluster conversion for all remaining country versions, a new cluster CU, has been created. For Release 4.0A, both clusters will be merged together. This is carried out by the XPRA RPU40ACD during the upgrade.

Effects on customer programs:

1. Customer programs that use the macros RP-IMP-C2-CD and RP-EXP-C2-CD will continue to function, since these macros read or write to cluster CU internally, and convert the data into the CD cluster format. Thus the changeover requirements are kept to a minimum.
2. Customer programs that use the SELECT command to read data from cluster CD (not generally recommended), must be changed over to cluster CU.
3. Customer programs that have been newly created, should use the import macro RP-IMP-C2-CU. For a more detailed description on creating report programs to read payroll results using cluster CU, see the R/3 online documentation. In the R/3 System, choose Help -> R/3 Library -> Personnel Administration and Payroll Accounting -> Tools -> Programming in HR -> Introduction: Programming in HR -> Import/Export Files -> Cluster Directory -> Cluster Directory Manager for USA, Canada, and Japan.

System administration changes

If you have created authorizations for the HR:Cluster authorization object which explicitly include cluster CD, then these must be replaces by cluster CU.