Transfer of Parameters ADIVP and KDIVP from Table T511K to Table T510H


Up to Release 3.0D, partial period parameters ADIVP (workday/month flat rate) and KDIVP (calendar days/month flat rate) were stored in table T511K without reference to the payroll period length. Release 3.0D allowed you to save the parameters with feature U510F according to payroll period length in table T510H. Table T510H is identical to table T511K except that it has a time unit. Starting Release 4.0, parameters ADIVP and KDIVP are to be maintained in table T510H. Starting Release 4.0A, when parameters ADIVP and KDIVP are activated, payroll operations NUM, RTE and AMT will link to table T510H.

Changes in procedure

If you have already used table T510H, no further action is required.

If you only use one payroll period length and have maintained parameters ADIVP and KDIVP in table T511K, please ensure that both parameters have the correct values for your time unit in table T510H. If this is not the case, maintain the desired value.

Further notes

This only applies to parameters ADIVP and KDIVP. The release note does not apply to any other entries in table T511K.