Infotype 0005 entitlement field length increase.


Infotype 0005 (Leave Entitlement) has been increased from decimal 3.2 to decimal 5.5. Please note that no changes are required.

System administration changes

Leave entitlement should only be entered in infotype 0005 during the hiring event and data loading. Any adjustments from then on should be entered through the leave view.

Change system parameters in customizing

No changes required.

Changes in procedure

Prior to release 4.0, if an employee's entitlement value was greater than 999.99, two leave entitlement records were created by the leave batch update program. From 4.0, this program has been changed to cater for the increase in field length which means it is highly unlikely that multiple infotype 0005 records will ever be created for the same leave type and leave year. Please note that records created prior to 4.0 will not be combined.

Further notes

Use the leave view to check net leave balances.