4.0a IMG Changes - Payroll Canada


Several steps have been added or changed in the Canada Payroll IMG for this release. This release note will give a brief overview of where the changes were made, and provide links to the relevant new/changed steps.

Change system parameters in customizing

You now have the option to Configure cheque lot numbers in the IMG if you are using Payroll Cheques. This step is included under the Direct Deposit/Data Medium Exchange section.

The Transfer Old Data steps have been changed for 4.0a as well. There are now 2 schemas which can be used, KLKL and KLK9. The IMG contains steps where you can make table settings required for either of these options.

The IMG also allows you to set up the processing of employee vacation pay and vacationable earnings.

The Transfer to Financial Accounting has also been changed for Release 4.0a. The transfer will now be made using HR posting documents and the FI interface, replacing batch input. Several changes have been made in the IMG for the FI Transfer as a result.

Finally, the changes to the FI/CO Transfer have also affected the Customizing for Canada Month-End Accruals functionality. Two steps were added in which the new 4-digit symbolic accounts are defined.