New Infotype Absence Event (0405) for Entering Health Cures


The R/3 System has been modified to meet the requirements stipulated in the German Act on the Promotion of Employment which was passed in 1996. Modifications to the R/3 System are based on preventive medical actions (health cures). If an employee goes on a health cure, then instead of creating one absence type for health cure, the R/3 System has to create a series of diverse absence types based on legal and pay scale provisions. For example:

In the case of a health cure, the R/3 System must work with the entire business process as opposed to working with each absence type (such as sick leave, leave and so on) separately.

Releases 3.1I/4.0A include a new class of objects called Absence events.
An absence event constitutes a series of part periods and assigned absence types created as a result of a business process (health cures, for example). Absence events are entered in the infotype Absence event (0405). In Customizing, each absence event is assigned a rule type. The infotype uses the rule type to generate a proposal for the part periods and the assigned absences types to be created through the absence event. The absence types and part periods can be modified.
When saving data in infotype Absence event (0405), a data record of infotype Absences (2001) is created for each absence type.


An employee is on a health cure from June 2, 1997 to June 22, 1997. Two workdays out of every five are counted as leave. Remuneration for the remaining calendar days is reduced.

The absence event health cure is entered in infotype Absence event (0405) for this period of leave. The following absence records are created through the rule type in Customizing:

Absence event 0220 health cure, two days leave for every five workdays

From To AType Description
06/02/1997 06/03/1997 0223 Cure, Leave deduction ER
06/04/1997 06/08/1997 0225 Cure, Reduced remuneration
06/09/1997 06/10/1997 0223 Cure, Leave deduction ER
06/11/1997 06/15/1997 0225 Cure, Reduced remuneration
06/16/1997 06/17/1997 0223 Cure, Leave deduction ER
06/18/1997 06/22/1997 0225 Cure, Reduced remuneration

Change system parameters in customizing

In the Implementation Guide under Payroll Accounting for Germany, you can define the Absence events required in your company and the respective rule types.

Dependent functions

Operation AEEVL has been set up in Payroll Accounting for Germany. The operation allows you to view an absence record for a particular time frame in an absence event in the same way as operation ABEVL does for normal absences. Also refer to report documentation OPEC.AEEVL in report RPDSYS00.