Semiretirement: Calculation of Fictitious Values and Onetime Payments


Onetime payments

The functions provided in Release 3.1G for calculating the increase amount for semiretirement were extended in the current release to include onetime payments as per statutory regulation.

New model wage types, secondary wage types and personnel calculation rules were added. SI functions were also adjusted accordingly.

1. Personnel calculation rules

The following personnel calculation rules were adjusted in personnel calculation schema DATO (Process part-time work for pensioners):

The following personnel calculation rules were added:

The position of schema DAT0 was moved in subschema DNET (Net Part for Germany).

1. Model wage types

The following model wage types were added:

Wage type MH50 allows you to enter the relevant increase amount manually. Wage type MH60 allows you to enter the value of the fictitious onetime payment (the onetime payment the employee would have received for full-time work) analogously to the fictitious full-time remuneration.
You can copy the respective entries in the Customizing tables to your client with the 'Object list: Extension of semiretirement'

1. Secondary wage types

The following technical wage types were added for processing within Payroll Accounting:

Calculation of fictitious value

Different collective agreements require a settlement of the actual net amount agreed for full-time employment when setting the increase amounts for part-time employment for pensioners. Particular criteria must be met when setting the fictitious outgoing gross amount.

SAP provides a sample adjustment to payroll schema D000 in Release 3.1H that facilitates the calculation of fictitious values.

1. New personnel calculation schemas

For this purpose three new subschemas, which are (inactive) parts of the standard payroll schema D000, are available:

1. New personnel calculation rules

In this schema, six new personnel calculation rules are called up:

1. Secondary wage types

The following secondary wage types are used when saving the data:

These have been changed during processing payroll or newly created.

Change system parameters in customizing

Processing class 70 (Fictitious amounts for semiretirement) has been created to assist in deciding which (gross) wage types are used to set the fictitious gross amounts. You can use this processing class to decide which wage types are to be used directly or included as a percentage in this step.

In the standard system, the model wage types in this processing class are not maintained. If you wish to use fictitious calculation you must modify your wage types accordingly using processing step 'Import gross wage types into fictitious gross amounts' in the IMG.

The percentage projection is executed using the percentage rate specified in the constant ATFPR . If your percentage is different from 50%, maintain the constant in the step 'Set constants for employment percentage (fictitious calculation)'.

Changes in procedure

If you wish to use the model to calculate the fictitious values, you should activate the lines COPY (Semiretirement: Fictitious gross and net amounts).

Further notes

The schemas and personnel calculation rules provided, together with the calculation of the increase amounts, can be used as a model for processing semiretirement automatically.

Use the collective agreement or single plant bargaining agreement valid for your company for the adjustment with further entries if necessary.