Redesign of SSP/SMP Absence Processing


We have completely redesigned the processing of absences relevant to statutory sick pay (SSP) and statutory maternity pay (SMP). This affects payroll procedures, the data on the personal calendar cluster and the SSP/SMP infotypes.

The changes are as follows:

1. The name of infotype 0085 has changed from SSP PIW Record GB to:

SSP SSP(1)L Form Data GB

The names of the other three SSP/SMP infotypes have not changed:

SSP Control GB
SSP/SMP Exclusions GB
SMP Record GB
2. Changes to the four SSP/SMP infotypes can now only be made by the user. These infotypes are NOT updated during absence processing, as was the case in previous releases. As a result, many of the fields in these infotypes are now redundant and will remain empty. We intend to delete these fields for later releases.
3. The program "SSP/SMP Absence Processing" has been deleted. We have incorporated the processing of SSP/SMP absences into function GNAB within the payroll driver. Function GNAB now stores the data either in the personal calendar on cluster PC, or in the payroll results on cluster RG. No data is written to the SSP/SMP infotypes in this release.
4. We have added a dynamic measure to the SSP/SMP infotypes and also to the model SSP/SMP subtypes on the absence infotype. This measure sets the personal calendar date and retrocalculation date on P0003 to take a whole linked absence into account, not just one single absence.
5. Subschema GT00 now contains two new lines. The first of these comes immediately after function PAB, and serves to export the absence calendar to cluster PC.
The second line contains the new function GFMSA. The extra line directly follows personnel calculation rule G052 in the subschema.
Function GFMSA populates table MSA on the RG cluster. This is a new table containing information from the results table (RT) and the absences table (AB).

Software/hardware requirements

You need to run the data conversion report (RPUABPG0). For more information, see release note PA_PAY_GB_40A_PCCONV.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use customized SSP/SMP absence subtypes, you need to copy the new dynamic measure for setting the personal calendar and retrocalculation dates on P0003. This measure is delivered with the model SSP and SMP absence subtypes on the absence infotype, as well as with the SSP/SMP control infotypes.

You must add the two new lines in subschema GT00 to any existing customer copy of this subschema.

Dependent functions

The personal calendar display report (RPCLPCG0)now shows full details of the individual days of an absence.