Basic off-cycle functionality implemented for British payroll


The payroll driver (RPCALCG0) now contains a functionality for on-demand payroll accounting. This performs a regular payroll run without restricting the user to the normal cycle of pay dates. In other words, you can now enter a specific pay date in the current pay period and run payroll for an employee whenever this is necessary.

The new transaction PUG1 runs the on-demand payroll program and has been added to the Payroll menu path as "Off-cycle payroll."

When you view the payroll results in program RPCLSTRG, you will see the new cluster directory CU, which replaces cluster directory CD. Directory CU contains additional fields for storing the pay date, and the date and time of the payroll run.

Standard subschemas GLR0 and GEND have been modified as follows:


This transaction does NOT check the payroll control record for the payroll area. Be sure to carry out the necessary follow-up activities for any employee selected for an on-demand payroll run (e.g. posting to FI/CO, data medium exchange).

There are also two new IMG activities for off-cycle payroll accounting:

This generates the cumulation calendar entries in table T54C1.
This maintains the on-demand payroll features PU135, PU141 and PU142 for running the payroll driver and the payslip program.

Change system parameters in customizing

The new customizing activities in the IMG for Payroll Accounting (GB) are:

Generate cumulation calendar

You must execute this step to ensure correct cumulation of the values in CRT.

On-demand payroll

If you want on-demand payroll to run the payroll driver and payslip program with settings other than the standard, you need to execute this step.