Personal Absence Data Conversion Program


We have completely redesigned the processing of absences relevant to statutory sick pay (SSP) and statutory maternity pay (SMP). As a result, the processes used to store absence-related payroll data have changed for this release. Old absence data must also be converted to conform with the new design, and this is done by running program RPUABPG0

Program RPUABPG0 performs the following functions:

1. Converts the absence calendar stored in table NCALE on the PC cluster to the new format.
The main changes to the NCALE structure are:
a) Two record types now used to differentiate between individual days and PIWs.
b) Payments now stored in table MSA instead of in table NCALE.
c) Data on the number of weeks absent and paid SSP/SMP now stored in each day record.
2. Populates the new table MSA with data taken from the results table (RT) and the absence table (AB).
3. Clears the contents of any infotype fields that are no longer used in absence processing. It is planned to delete such fields from the infotypes for later releases.
This affects the following infotypes:
SSP Control GB
SSP SSP(1)L Form Data (new name for SSP PIW Record GB)
SMP Record GB
4. Deletes SSP PIW Records that are not used for SSP(1)L or leavers' data.

If errors occur, the employee data is NOT converted.

Further notes

The personal calendar display report (RPCLPCG0) now shows full details of the individual days of an absence. This is useful for checking the conversion results.