Report of Calculates the SYOYO amount


This function calculates the SYOYO amount of the employee selected for the selection period. The report result is converted the batch input data(Infotype 0015) and the PC file.

SYOYO Formula

In this function, following calculation fomula is realized.

SYOYO amount = Time evaluation rate X Appraisal rate
X SYOYO payment rate X Basic pay of monthly

Change system parameters in customizing

Please refer to the following section of Implementation Guide for detailed costomizing procedures.

Personnel Administration --> Payroll Data --> Bonus Payment
Bonus Payment
Define wage type model for bonus base
Define base amount wage type group
Define payment factor per pay scale
Define payment factor per appraisal
Define wage type to be generated

Further notes

Please refer to the following section of Onle Help for detailed operation procedures.

Personnel Administration & Payroll Accounting
--> Payroll --> Procedure of Payroll --> Procedure of Payroll -Japan
--> Payroll Related Master Data --> Payments
--> Additional Payments --> SYOYO