Company Loans Japan


From release 40A, Company Loans is available in Japan.

This function covers two types of company loans.

o Company loans by company

o Company loans related with other institutions (including interest support)


o Instalment and annuity repayment are supported as a standard.

o Special pattern, such as STEP and LEEWAY repayment, can be covered.

o Various kinds of interest pattern can be covered, such as fixed, flex and selectable.

o Excel interface provide flexibility in maintaining repayment plan. Currently Office95 and Office97 is certified. But Excel interface doesn't work with Macintosh.

o Interest support can be taxed as imputed income.

o Repayment process is calculated in payroll.


o Arrears should be calculated and processed manually.

o In case of special repayment process, repayment plan should be maintained manually.

o No function to control status, such as 'invalid' -> 'active'


Because of old invalid Company Loans Japan and other settings. it is necessary to have a post-upgrade activity.

Please check NOTE 0080418 in OSS!!!