Enhancements for income tax statement submission


The program for printing income tax statements RPCEADJ0 was enhanced.

1. The possibility to output the tax statements to a data medium was added. The records on this data medium are created according to the requirements of the Tokyo National Tax Office.
Data are stored inside the SAP system in a first step, thus being protected against unauthorized external access from where they can be copied to the data medium that is to be submitted to the tax office.
2. The output sequence of tax statements was changed. Sorting will additionally be done by the branch office for income tax on the top level now.

Change system parameters in customizing

The branch office for income tax has to be set up

Changes in procedure

The program can be accessed as before from the "Subsequent annual activities" submenue of the payroll menue. Selections for outputting tax statements to a data file and for the data file name have been added to the selection screen of the program.