Tax (US)


The name of the original Tax Type Statement report has been changed from


With version 4.0A the following is possible:

1) This new report will allow you to select an interval of time to be reported. For example, to select all periods within the 2nd quarter of 1997, you would enter 4/1/1997 to 6/1/1997.

2) Bonuses or adjustments that fall within a time interval you select will be reported.

3) This report is now able to select retro-calculations.

New Value in the Tax Exemption Flag

A new value "R" (exempt but reportable) has been added to the tax exemption flag. If you select the value "R" for a particular wage type and tax authority, this tax type will be exempt. However, the taxable amount will still be reportable for /7XX wage types. You may still use value "X" (exempt) to completely exempt a tax type without creating the /7XX wage type.