New processing class for Limits on Deduction functionality


Up to Release 3.1*, processing class 77 was used for Limits on Deductions functionality within the US payroll version.

Due to increasing internationalization, this processing class could no longer be used for this purpose. Starting with Release 4.0A, processing class 41 will be used instead.

The deduction wage types to be limited that have already been maintained by you in an earlier release in the aforementioned processing class have to be converted for the new processing class.

To do this, you have to start a conversion program.

In addition, subschema UAL0 has been changed to reflect the new processing class used. If you use a copy of this standard schema, substitute P77 with P41 for calculation rule X024 in this schema.

Change system parameters in customizing

For additional information, refer to the section Convert wage types to be limited in the Limits on Deductions section of the Implementation Guide.