US Payroll Earnings and Deductions Registers


This new payroll function uses forms to output the earnings/deductions per employee, or summaries of the earnings and deductions per company code, personnel area, and personnel subarea. The totals are output for the current pay period as well as the month-to-date, quarter-to-date and year-to-date.

Generate the registers with program RPCLJNU0. In the following selection screen fields, specify the forms for the earnings and deduction registers:
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Employee data excerpt: Form
Totals block: Form

To print the earnings register per employee, use the following forms as parameters: UET1, UEF1, UED1, and UES1. To print the earnings register summary, you would use UET2, UEF2, UED2, and UES2. For deductions, use UDT1 or UDT2, etc.

Change system parameters in customizing

Configure the required forms for the earnings and deduction registers in the following section of the US Payroll IMG: Earnings and Deductions