Process/Structure change of third party remittance


Starting with release 4.0A the HR/FI interface has been re-designed. Since the third party remittance functionality (3PR) using this interface this re-design also has an impact on the process and data structure of the 3PR.

This impact is two-fold:

1. On the process side the changes are as follows
Old | New
Start 3PR posting report | Start 3PR posting report
Start HR/FI interface report | Edit run
Check produced Batch-Input | Post documents
Play Batch-Input |

The posting report now produces the FI documents by calling the HR/FI interface internally. This ensures that only valid documents will be produced. The user than has a possibility to verify the content of the documents again and may release them for posting and post them to FI. Both activities - verifying and posting - can be done by clicking on the appropriate documents. The appropriate 3pR documents are assigned to the document class TP.
For detailed information on the new HR/FI interface please refer to the appropriate release note.
2. In order to feed the new HR/FI interface correct is is necessary to provide the currency in which items need to be paid. Due to that we inserted a currency field in the 3PR interface tables. For those entries which were written in 3.x and aren't posted to FI yet this could cause problems. So a default currency needs to be provided. Since this functionality only existed for US and Canadian customer who either had canadian or US Dollars the is a unique default currency for all remittance items. Also coming with this new HR/FI interface the definition of symbolic accounts was changed from two to four digits. Since the 3PR also stores symbolic accounts in their interface tables those entries need to be changed according to the appropriate upgrade logic. Both changes - currency and symbolic accounts - are supported by a conversion program. For detailed information on this conversion please refer to the appropiate report documentation.

In 4.0A it is possible to start the posting report in such a way that all remittance items with a due date less or equal the given due date can be picked up and be processed by the 3PR posting report.

To call the conversion program please click Start