Budgeting in Training and Event Management


The budget functions in Training and Event Management (TEM) have been adapted to those of Compensation Management. Budgets in pre-40A releases must be converted as a result.

Budgets can be converted either automatically the first time you use the budget functions or by manually starting report RHBUUM00.

During the conversion, existing data is selected from table BPJA and converted according to the settings (formerly Customizing settings) in table T77S0, fields VMBUD-PERID, VMBUD-PRFIL, VMBUD-WAERS.

The budget type group '03' (Training and Event Management) and the budget type '0001' are taken or created for the conversion.

Budgets that have been incorrectly maintained are not converted. Errors are recorded in the log file.

Error messages cause the program to terminate and are recorded in the log file.

Converted data from table BPJA is subsequently deleted so that the report can be restarted at any time.

Change system parameters in customizing

Customizing settings related to the conversion are automatically maintained by report RHBUUM00.

For more information on budget settings in TEM, refer to Budget Management.