System-wide Table Control Settings


Until now, end users could change table control settings themselves (for example, resizing or switching columns). In Release 4.0, you can also set table control formats centrally. This is useful for table controls that have a large number of columns in the SAP standard, not all of which are needed by customers. The customer can now change the settings centrally to display the appropriate columns.

If you use a table control in a transaction, you can define the table settings by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner of the control. Any user with authorization 'TCTR' in the authorization object 'S_ADMI_FCD' can make a display variant of the table control into the standard setting. This then means that the variant will apply to all users in that transaction. If there is no defined system-wide variant, the system interprets the screen definition as the basic setting.


Further notes

You can change the settings by restarting the transaction and following the above procedure. Whenever you choose "activate", the new settings overwrite the old ones.

You can restore the original screen definition by deleting the system settings.

If an end user defines his or her own variant and saves it as the standard variant, this will appear instead of the system setting.