New functionality for SAP ArchiveLink in R/3 Release 4.0A


R/3 Release 4.0A contains the following new functionality for SAP ArchiveLink:

for simplified inclusion of hyperlinks and index lines in print lists

Change system parameters in customizing

The following enhancements are supplied for SAP ArchiveLink Customizing:

(see Basic settings)
(see Administration settings )
(see System settings)
(see Bus.Eng.settings)
(see Archive settings)
(see Application Customizing )
(see Basic settings)
(see Queues)
(see Jobs)
(see Number ranges)
(see Link checks)
(see Results)
(see Customizing checks)
(see Archive devices)
(see Protocols)
(see Applications)
(see Link tables)
(see Bar code types)
(see Document types)
(see Document classes)
(see Bar code archiving)
(see Customizing Wizards)
(see Default settings: Early )
(see Default settings: Simultaneous )
(see Default settings: Late)
(see Workflow Wizards)
(see Workflow-Parameter)
(see Workflow document types )
(see User archives)
(see FI)
(see HR)
(see SD)

Further notes

Detailed information about the new functions described above can be found in online help; in the IMG and in the R/3 Library under:
Basis - Basis Services - SAP ArchiveLink - SAP ArchiveLink: Information for all
"What's new in R/3 Release 4.0A"