SAPscript: Raw data interface (RDI)


Using the SAPscript Raw Data Interface (RDI), you can connect external text management systems to control individual requests, for example, optimizing postage expense. The interface contains all form data from the R/3 System, but no layout information such as font or page size. The external system alone is responsible for the layout and administration of the document data. The RDI is of special importance for mail processing. The external system sorts the document data from the interface and forwards the documents accordingly.

The Raw Data Interface is a certified interface and allows easy connection to external systems. However, you pay the price for this extra function, as you lose tight integration with the R/3 System. For example, you cannot find out from within an R/3 application whether the external system successfully printed and sent the documents. In addition, extra expense is incurred each time you adapt a standard form, since the system has to adapt both an internal and external form. The external tool is not an integral part of the ABAP Development Workbench, so that field information (field type, output length and so on) from the ABAP Dictionary is not available.

Refer to the online documentation for further information.