SAPscript: Converting texts to HTML


To convert a SAPscript text in the line or the PC editor to an HTML file on the frontend, choose Text -> Download . The editor internally calls the function module CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML . This function is also used by other applications, for example, when converting OSS Notes or for syntax documentation.

The function module CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML converts a SAPscript text to HTML so you can display the text on the Internet using any HTML3.X browser (NetScape, MS Internet Explorer and so on). The function module requires the text header (DDIC structure THEAD) and the text lines (DDIC structure TDLINES) as input.

After the text has been converted, the function module CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML returns a table with the corresponding HTML text (DDIC structure HTMLLINE). During conversion, SAPscript control commands, symbols and include texts are expanded as far as possible without processing the form (without using the composer).

To assign SAPscript paragraph and character formats to HTML formats, use the appropriate tables with the function call.

Conversion is controlled by several parameters:

For more information, refer to the system documentation or to the information on function module CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML .


For an example of how to use CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML, refer to report RSTXHTML.