Server-independent response to background processing events


In R/3 background processing, jobs can be started when background processing events are triggered. Prior to Release 4.0, event response was server-dependent. That is, events could be handled only by a single server of an R/3 System, and this server had to be identified in the system profile parameter rdisp/btcname. If the "event server" was not active when an event was triggered, then the event is not responded to and is lost.

With Release 4.0, this server dependency has been removed. The parameter setting to identify the event server is no longer required. Events are responded to as long as any server is active in the R/3 System.

System administration changes

It is no longer necessary to identify a particular server as the event handler for background processing events. The rdisp/btcname system profile parameter need no longer be maintained and can be ignored.

It is not necessary to change the setting of rdisp/btcname or to delete the system profile parameter if it has already been set. The background processing system ignores the parameter setting as of Release 4.0.