Archiving Table Change Logs


You can log changes to tables. This is primarily intended for Customizing tables. If you want to be able to create table change logs for a table, you must set the corresponding flag in the technical settings for the table. You must also set the profile parameter rec/client. From Release 4.0, the logs are stored in table DBTABLOG. The table used in previous releases, DBTABPRT, is no longer supported.

You can now archive table DBTABLOG using the central archiving in the R/3 System (Transaction SARA) and the archiving object BC_DBLOGS.

You can use the following functions:

When you archive the log, the system archives all log entries for a particular period.

Damage caused to data by errors

If a system error occurs during archiving, you must observe the appropriate procedures in the R/3 central archive to avoid losing data.

Changes in procedure

Before Release 4.0, you could archive the table change logs using Transaction SCU3. Since this method did not run using the R/3 central archiving, but communicated directly with the file system, it is no longer supported in Release 4.0.

You can now only archive using Transactiion SARA.

Procedure for removing dataset errors

If problems arise with table DBTABPRT (used until Release 3.1), you must restore it.

If problems arise with old archive files, you must load backup copies of them.

Further notes

You can convert the table change logs stored in table DBTABPRT using report RSDBLOGCONV40. Once you have converted them, you can archive them using the R/3 System central archiving. For information about archiving, see the documentation for the central archive.

Additional information about archiving table change logs is contained in the documentation for the archiving object BC_DBLOGS.