Converting Table Change Logs


You can log changes to table contents. This is primarily intended for Customizing tables. If you want to be able to log changes to table contents, you must set the corresponding flag in the technical attribute of the table. The profile parameter rec/client must also be set.

From Release 4.0, the system stores the logs in table DBTABLOG. Table DBTABPRT, used before Release 4.0, is no longer supported. You can now only use the new table to archive and analyze the logs. This means that, before you can work with old data, you must transfer it from table DBTABPRT to table DBTABLOG.

To convert the logs, use report RSDBLOGCONV40. You can either convert all of the log data, or choose a particular period for which you want to convert the data.

Once the log data has been converted successfully, the old version in table DBTABPRT is deleted.

Damage caused to data by errors

Since the data in table DBTABPRT is not deleted unless the conversion is successful, you cannot lose any data if the report terminates abnormally. If this happens, you simply need to restart the report.

Further notes

You should only run the report as a background job, since the table DBTABPRT can become very large, and the program runtime can be very long if large quantities of data are involved.

The report is supplied with two variants:

For technical details about the report (such as the resources it requires), see the report documentation.

From Release 4.0, the table change logs have been moved to the central archiving in the R/3 System (Transaction SARA). The corresponding archiving object is BC_DBLOGS.