New Customizing Tool Functions


From Release 4.0A documentation in the IMG will be displayed in HTML or in SAPscript. You display the documentation using the Info Object Viewer. You can find information on how to install the Info Object Viewer in the release note.
In the Customizing overview screen and in project management you can now locate a given project and position it at the top of the screen.
The function for copying projects is in project management. When copying you can select which part of the status information you want to copy.
When generating the Enterprise IMG, you used to be able to define the global field display characteristics after making your application component selection.
From Release 4.0, this function is no longer possible when generating the Enterprise IMG. The function is is found only in the IMG. You choose "Global settings -> Field display characteristics".
You can flag Customizing activities which include an option to make an enhancement (for example, where you can include your enterprise's own function modules or activate user exits). You can identify these activities in the IMG by choosing Information -> Title and IMG Info -> Enhancements.