Includes in Views


If fields are added to or deleted from a table used in a view, the view is not automatically adjusted to this change. When a field is deleted from the original table, there is simply a message that the view must be adjusted. You must perform the adjustment manually.

If (nearly) all the fields of a table are needed in a view and the view should be adjusted automatically to a change in the table fields, this can only be done by including the table in the view.

In SQL, the list of all the fields of a table are defined with the character *. Analogously, you can enter the character * for the field name and view field name in the view maintenance. This means that all the fields of the base table are included in the view. The field names of the view are then identical with the field names in the base table.

In order to be able to rename or remove individual fields nevertheless, you may list individual fields of the base table. If a minus character is entered as view field name, this means that this field should be excluded.

If a field name is defined, the field is included as a view field. To avoid duplicate fields, it is no longer taken into consideration when the *-notation is expanded.