Migration of Matchcodes to Search Helps


In Release 4.0, the ABAP Dictionary help view and matchcode objects are replaced with the new ABAP Dictionary search help object. During the upgrade, the matchcodes are automatically migrated to search helps. Manual processing is only necessary for some exceptions (see below).

A detailed description of the new search help object can be found in the online manual for the ABAP Dictionary.

To ensure upwards compatibility, existing matchcodes are not deleted. After the migration, however, there are some restrictions on the SE11 functionality for matchcodes. Transparent matchcodes can only be displayed and deleted, and no longer changed or recreated. The migrated search help must be changed in accordance with the F4 process.

Naming conventions for automatic migration

Matchcode objects retain the same name when they are migrated to collective search helps. The IDs of a matchcode object are migrated to elementary search helps which are included in the collective search help. The name of an elementary search help is defined by the name of the matchcode object and the matchcode ID, for example MAT1A for ID A of matchcode object MAT1. A "Z" is prefixed to matchcode IDs in the customer namespace 0-9, for example ZKRED0 for ID 0 of MC object KRED. This is only done if the MC object does not already lie in the customer namespace (Z or Y).

Necessary manual adjustment

Authorization checks for matchcodes are replaced with the search help exit concept for search helps. More details about this can be found in the online manual for the ABAP Dictionary.

Changes in the Dictionary maintenance transaction (SE11)

In the initial screen, the option "matchcodes" is replaced with "search helps". To look at the matchcode definitions, choose the menu option Utilities -> Matchcodes.