Basic Transactions (PP01, PP02, POnn): Enhancements and Improvements

Basic Transactions (PP01, PP02, POnn): Enhancements and Improvements


1. Delete Object via Manual Transport Connection

With the new release, you can delete objects in basic transactions and assign them to a transport request at the same time. In this way, you are sure that the objects are also deleted in the target system (release transports).

1. Object Description in the Initial Screen of the Basic Transaction

Up until now, object decriptions were only able to be called up from the 'Display/Maintain Infotype' list screen.

With the new Release, these functions can now be found under Utilities -> Object description from the intial screen of the basic transaction.

The 'object description' function enables you to access the list of all infotypes of an object directly, where you can display or change existing records.

1. Manual Transport (Integration of Report RHMOVE30 in Basic Transactions)

Up until now, manual transports were carried out by calling and executing the report RHMOVE30. With this release, you can call up this function by choosing Utilities -> Manual Transport from the basic transactions. You can assign changed or newly created objects directly to a transport request.

4. New Function: Display List Screen

Up until now, there was only the 'list screen' function, with which you could both display and change infotype records. Users who only had display authorization had no access to this function.

This release contains the function List screen -> Display , for which only display authorization is required. Thus, users who only have display authorization can also access the list screen.

6. Country-Specific Infotypes

With this release, the function 'country settings' allows you to restrict the display of infotypes to country-specific infotypes. To be able to use this function, you must assign an infotype to one or more countries in the Customizing activity Maintain country-specific infotypes.