New Variance Category: Output Quantity Variance


For cost center and business process variance analysis, Release 4.0 has the new variance category for output quantity variance. Earlier, output price variance was used only if the activity price used in allocation was manually set. Similarly, the R/3 System now identifies ouput quantity variance if the allocated quantity varies from that registerd by the sender.

Previously, the actual allocated quantity was identical with the measured sender quantity. Now, however, you can set the "Manually entered actual quantity" indicator for an activity type or business process, making independent measures of sender quanities possible.

This is especially useful for all indirect activity allocations, such as target=actual allocation, or indirect activity allocation with allocation category 2. These allocations do not used measured actual quantities, but rather derive them from based on other data. However, it is always possible that you can measure the total sender quantity but not its distribution to the receivers. In this case, you can set the indicator in order to post sender actual quantities if necessary.

Changes in procedure

Note that, if you set the indicator, the R/3 System no longer posts the sender activity quantity for any allocation posting. You must make manual entries for the senders.

Further, the indicator setting in the activity type/business process is a default. You can overwrite this during planning.