Stock Determination


Stock determination provides you with the possibility of using predefined settings to save strategies for an automatic material withdrawal. This function affects several applications and is therefore highly integrated.

It is often not important to decide in advance (for example, when planning) which stock is to be used for a coming material withdrawal. Using the automatic stock determination function, you can predefine strategies which are used for carrying out an automatic stock determination later. You can differentiate between different storage locations or between different stocks. The possible stocks can be differentiated into unrestricted-use stock and consignment stock.

If the requirement cannot be covered completely by existing stocks, you have the option of acquiring the rest quantity from a pipeline supply. If several vendors are available for supplying material from consignment or pipeline, you can select the vendor using the price or the current warhouse quantity. You can also use the criteria price and quantity for materials with separate valuation.

Damage caused to data by errors

As stock determination is a highly integrated function, you should be warned that it is very important that your configuration data is maintained with great care and that you carry out a longer test phase.

Here, you must include the following areas: Sales, Production Orders, KANBAN, Repetitive Manufacturing, Warehouse Management and the Pull List.

Change system parameters in customizing

To use the functions in stock determination, you must make several settings in Customizing. You define these settings in Materials Management, under the Inventory Management section. You determine a strategy at plant level using the stock determination group and the stock determination rule. (These correspond to the checking group and the checking rule logic in the availablilty check). You maintain the stock determination rules in all bordering applications. You can do thisfrom the Customizing menu for Inventory Management or for the individual applications.

You are not limited to the standard stock determination possibilities. You can use a form routine or a user exist to define your own options.

How stock determination works together with the settings of the warehouse management system is defined via an indicator per strategy. How stock determination works with batch determination is not defined in the stock determination strategy, but in the sort rule of batch determination.

For more information, please refer to the Implementation Guide,

Stock Determination

Changes to the interface

The function 'withdrawal seqence' that was available in previous releases in Inventory Management and in Repetitive Manufacturing has been made redundant by the new function, 'Stock Determination'. A report is available which supports the conversion of the old withdrawal sequence groups to stock determination. You can find this report in Customizing for Stock Determination (Name of the reports: MDBFUPDT).

Changes in procedure

As stock determination is carried out automatically, the end user can no longer decide from which stock the withdrawal is to be made. The process is usually carried out in the background. However, in the strategy, you can also activate online processing. Depending on the individual applications, you can then manually change the results.

Procedure for removing dataset errors

If the system does not post from the stock of your choice, a correction is necessary. You do this by making a reversal posting in the accessing application. You may have to rethink the configuration.

Dependent functions

The following applications can use stock determination: Sales, Warehouse Management, KANBAN, Repetitive Manufacturing, Production Orders and the Pull List.