Release conversion 3.x -> 4.0


In Release 4.0 the fixed part of the aspect structure has changed as follows:

1. A currency key field will no longer be included in the aspect structure for each basic key figure field, only one per currency type. If, for example, there were 50 key figures in an aspect, that were all managed in the company code currency then only one currency field currency will be managed in the aspect rather than 50. The currency key fields in the aspect are not interpreted by the functions of EIS in Release 4.0A (as in previous releases), this means that they retain their purely documentational character on a technical level. The significant advantage in a reduction in the number of fields is that approximately twice as many key figures as can be included in the aspect.
2. The value type and the version are no longer compulsorily available in the aspect, but they can be continued as customer-specific character- istics (meaning, the attribute 'USGFL' was changed from 'F' to 'D' in the field catalog). As fixed characteristics they are replaced by a plan/actual indicator and a new version. In order to retain the uniqueness of the name, the version of older releases has be renamed to 'Data area'. The plan/actual indicator separates plan and actual data with the two valid values '0' and '1'. The new planning functions edit plan data exclusively. The newly implemented version is available to the planning functions as a plan version. Reporting can match data of different versions in one report comparatively, in Release 4.0A.
The technical field 'RECTY', that was not used until now, does not apply in Release 4.0 .

System administration changes

The aspect data must be converted to the new aspect structure. With the importing of release 4.0 some preparations are made by the XPRA-Report RKCXPR40. The importing of release 4.0 does not change those aspects that have already been created. To work productively, the aspect data must be converted to the new structure, meaning the application EIS remaind locked until the data has been successfully converted.

Change system parameters in customizing

See Procedure for aspect conversion for this.