QM: Additional Pushbuttons in Results Recording


As of Release 4.0A, when you choose Continue in one of the results recording screens with table control, the system moves the cursor to the next line below.
In customer exits QEEM0021, QEEM0022, QEEM0023 or QEEM0024, you no longer need to predefine a function code for the paging function. If you specified a function code (for example, 'P++ ') for the paging function in these customer exits in previous releases, the cursor will not be positioned in the proper location to allow you to enter the next value.

Parameter I_TABIX is included as an additional import parameter for the specified customer exits. This parameter contains the position in the current processing table, which allows you to read the current data in this table. Import parameter I_QAQEE will therefore only be supported for this release.