The Object Infotype (1000)


The Object infotype is a special infotype. Rather than describing the characteristics or attributes of an existing object, the Object infotype fulfills one main purpose. It allows you to create new objects, for example, organizational units, qualifications, and business events.


After creating an object with this infotype, you can then describe the characteristics and attributes of the object using the other infotypes available, for example, the Relationship (1001) and Description (1002) infotypes.

To create new objects you must:

The validity period you apply to the object automatically limits the validity of any infotype records you append to the object. The validity periods for appended infotype records cannot exceed that of the Object infotype.

The abbreviation you provide for an object is used to identify the object in later work processes. It is helpful to use easily recognizable abbreviations.

You can change abbreviations and descriptions at a later time by editing object infotype records. However, you cannot change an object’s validity period in this manner. This must be done using the delimit options.

You can also delete the objects you create. However, if you delete an object the system erases all record of the object from the database. You should only delete objects if they are not valid at all (for example, if you create an object accidentally).