The Description Infotype (1002)


The Description infotype allows you to append long text descriptions to the different objects you work with in Organizational Management. Description entries are for reference purposes only, so it is not mandatory to maintain this infotype, but you may find it helpful.


You can use this infotype to describe the main areas of responsibility of an organizational unit within your company. A description, for example, is that the manufacturing division handles all areas of material, warehousing and inventory, and packing and distribution. Or, perhaps a particular work center – a computer room – must be maintained at a specified temperature. You can use this infotype to record such information, if desired.

You must categorize the description infotype records you enter by assigning them to a subtype. Description subtypes are user-defined, so the categories used at your company may vary. You can, for example, categorize descriptions as general, environmental, or technical. Refer to the Personnel Planning and Development section of the Implementation Guide.

You can maintain numerous Description infotype records for one object, perhaps a general description record, a technical record, and so on. The records can also be maintained in different languages.

The Description infotype should not be used as a means of entering job or position descriptions. Job and position descriptions consist of a list of tasks the holder of a job or position must perform. Such descriptions are established by creating jobs, positions and tasks, and creating relationship infotype records among these three objects.