The Vacancy Infotype (1007)


The Vacancy infotype allows you to identify position vacancies, at present and in the future. It is possible to create a vacancy infotype record for a position that is occupied, or unoccupied.


It is used when you only work with positions. You might create a vacancy record for an occupied position when, for example, you know an employee is taking maternity leave.

If your company does not distinguish between occupied and unoccupied positions, that is, you consider all unoccupied positions to be vacant, you can set an indicator rather than maintain the infotype.

The indicator tells the system to treat all unoccupied positions as vacant. (The setting is made in the System Table T77S0, item PPVAC, PPVAC.) Entry 0 means all unoccupied positions are considered vacant. Entry 1 means infotype 1007 must be maintained. Refer to the Personnel Planning and Development section of the Implementation Guide.

If your company does distinguish between occupied and unoccupied positions, you must maintain the Vacancy infotype.

You can mark vacancy records as historical records, once you no longer need them – that is, once a position is filled. Historical records are maintained on the database, but cannot be changed or used in processing. If you use Applicant Management, it is helpful to keep a record of vacancies after they are filled.

You can maintain this infotype using Detail Maintenance, by creating infotype records one object at a time. Or, you can work in Simple Maintenance, where procedures are streamlined. See Setting Attributes in Simple Maintenance.


The vacancy infotype is used by more than one HR component. For example, if you use Personnel Cost Planning, the system can take vacancies into account when it calculates cost projections. Vacancies are also registered in Career and Succession Planning, where, for example, they can be used when you conduct a search for suitable positions for a employee. If integration with Personnel Administration is active, the Personnel Administration component Applicant Management also checks vacancy records.

It is not mandatory to maintain the Vacancy infotype for Organizational Management purposes. However, if you plan to use Personnel Cost Planning or Career and Succession Planning, or Applicant Management, you should maintain this infotype.

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