The Authorities and Resources Infotype (1010)


The Authorities and Resources infotype allows you to work with the authorities and resources assigned to positions or work centers.


It is typically used when you work with positions, although you can use the infotype with work centers as well. This infotype serves two separate purposes. It allows you to identify:

For example, a position may have authorization to sign contracts with values up to $50,000. Authorities can also be used to define access to different physical areas at your company.

For example, this can include things like a notebook computer, a piece of machinery, or a car.

The information for authorities and resources is stored in the authorities subtype, and the resources subtype.

You must assign information to one of the above subtypes, when you create Authority and Resource infotype records.

It is not mandatory to maintain this infotype. You must decide if it is helpful or not.

If you use the infotype, there is a report available that extracts the information you enter. It is the RHXHFMT0 (Authorities and Resources) report.