The Employee Group/Subgroup Infotype (1013)


The Employee Group/Subgroup infotype allows you to assign a position to an employee group and employee subgroup.


It is an optional infotype that is used when you work only with positions. When integration is active, maintaining this infotype allows the system to cross-check employee and position data in Personnel Administration and Personnel Planning, respectively. Employee groups and subgroups are the common denominator between Personnel Planning and Personnel Administration.

The system checks that:

If the system detects an inconsistency, a warning message appears. You can, however, still proceed with activities.

When integration is inactive, this infotype is still relevant, since the system checks employee groups and subgroups when you work with work schedules.

Employee groups and subgroups are user-defined, when Personnel Administration is installed. See Personnel Administration in the Implementation Guide.

You can maintain this infotype using Detail Maintenance, by creating infotype records one at a time. Or, you can work in Simple Maintenance, where procedures are streamlined.