The Mail Address Infotype (1032)


The Mail Address infotype allows you to send room reservation confirmations and other notifications using the electronic mail system at your company. It is used in the Room Reservation Planning component of HR.


The infotype contains details required for the electronic transmission of information, for example, user IDs. You append this information to different objects – organizational units, external persons, and companies.

When something happens relating to a reservation – for example, if there is a cancellation – the system checks for all objects involved in the event (the participants, organizers, and so on) and sends notifications.

For Room Reservation Planning purposes, you might define this infotype for the organizational units designated as event organizers, companies, and external persons. However, Customizing allows you to determine the objects to which this infotype applies. Refer to the Personnel Planning and Development section of the Implementation Guide.


When creating this infotype, you must identify the:

At present, the system supports only the SAP mail system.

If you are working with an external employee, or position, this information is not required.


This infotype is not normally used within the context of Organizational Management, although there are exceptions. If your company does not use a SAP mail system, you can use this infotype to store information about mail addresses, for positions, or work centers. However, in this case, the information is for reference purposes only. The system cannot do anything with the data.